Here’s some of the public speaking I’ve done in the past year or so, along with my slides, code samples, and feedback I’ve received!

Taking Advantage of HTML5

Listing out some of the features that are more-or-less standard in modern browsers and how easy it is to take advantage of them today. A code-heavy presentation that demonstrated how little changes add a lot of value. Prepared for Regina Tech Community as well as Prairie Developer Conference 2015.

Slides on Google Drive

Code on GitHub


“I found (the slides and code samples) very interesting and helpful”

“Excellent. Practical. Well organized and time efficient. One of the best presentations I’ve been to at RTC events.”

“…the content was interesting, it was pretty organized and he obviously knew the stuff that he was talking about”

You Can’t Buy Agile

A bit of a rant on the current state of Agile and its failed adoption into software teams, and a few suggestions on how we can fix it going forward. Prepared for MobileSocial Conference 2014 as well as Prairie Developer Conference Regina 2015.

Slides on SlideShare


“Very knowledgeable and practical. Excellent mix of humour.”

“Excellent synthesis of issues that I’ve encountered”

Things your Web API Should Be Doing

A talk on common mistakes Web API developers make when designing web services for public and internal use, and techniques to avoid them.

Slides on Google Drive


“Lots of content with real-world knowledge”

“Some very good points and easy-to-understand examples”

Web Testing with Selenium

A file-new project example of using .NET and Selenium Web Drivers to write integration tests against browsers that are automated and repeatable. Prepared for internal use as well as Prairie Developer Conference Winnipeg 2015.

Slides on Google Drive

Code on GitHub

Ready, Set, GO! An Introduction to the Go Programming Language

Gave a quick overview of the Go programming language, highlighting its strengths and optimal use cases. Had a quick code sample showing the strength of goroutines and channels, as well as a .NET vs Go calculate primes example to show the performance increase.

Slides on Slideshare


“Very good intro to go. Example code was concise and easy to follow”

“Fantastic presentation, demos, and speaker.”

“Good history. Great simple examples and notes on the strengths of the language”

Caching Up is Hard to Do: Improving Web Service Performance with Caching

During the talk I took an existing web service call that took roughly 4.3 seconds to complete, and applied various techniques and caching to reduce the time of the call down to 100 milliseconds. We talked about database caching, serialization caching, conditional headers, compression, paging, and client-side caching.

Slides on Slideshare


“Good speaker who knew his material”

“Good use of a real world example and showcasing multiple methods”

Ladies Learning Code: Intro to HTML & CSS

I was the “lead instructor”, walking a group of 12 women (and one guy) through the basics of HTML and CSS. Check out the LLC site for more info and to look for sessions near you!

Video on YouTube


“Chad was a great instructor. He was clear and easy to follow, and he was also really personable.”

“Really professional and easy-going, easy to listen to”

“Chad explained everything very well without making me feel dumb”

“Chad presented the material very well. He was very knowledgeable on the subject. His explanations were clear and understandable.”

3 Open Source Web Services in .NET

I gave a quick “hello world” example of creating a simple web service endpoint using FubuMVC, ServiceStack.NET, and Nancy.

Video on YouTube, Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github


“Clear and easy to understand. Very good.”

“Great topic, presentation, and presenter.”

“Very knowledgeable, knows the topic very well, spoke well, easy to understand”

“The topic wasn’t of core interest to me, but the presenter made it interesting and it was informative”

“Chad has a very effective presentation style (especially for novices + newbies)”

10 Ways to Build Web Services in .NET

A full create, read, update, delete example web service with 10 different web frameworks in .NET.

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peaked at #16 in the Pluralsight Top 100 Courses

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Hack Saskatchewan: Testing the Open Government Landscape

Partnered with two other local open data advocates to give a presentation to the 2013 Saskatchewan Access, Privacy, Security and Records Management Forum. My portion of the talk focused on how government and crown corporations can use hackathons to generate ideas and open source projects with a minimal amount of effort.


3.7 out of 5 for relevance

3.8 out of 5 for quality

4.0 out of 5 for speaker evaluation

Windows 8 Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

A two hour demo on creating your own Windows 8 native application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the WinJS library.

Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github


“Chad is a master of presentations. Great speaker”

“Quite satisfied. Presenter was really good, as I have come to expect from him”

“Good presentation, good examples and how to do + different techniques”

“Well spoken, easy to follow, useful materials, good use of examples”

“Great presentation – a consistent theme, focused presentation, logically given, a wonderful demo. Showed passion, knowledge and determination! Well done. 5 stars out of 5”

“Chad is awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable and one of my favorite local presenters. Even his verbal diahrea is coherent and interesting. Great job”

8 .NET Web Services in 75 Minutes

Similar to the above open source presentation, but includes several .NET framework ways to create a web service (incl. ASMX, WCF, MVC3, etc.) as well as the client software to connect to them.

Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github


“Nice style! Building server and client at the same time with two presenters”

“Great style for this session, was a good way to compare my current approach to some other options out there. Thanks!”

“Incredibly useful and showcased all the different web services out there and be able to make a choice as to which method is best for our business.”

“Awesome, very high energy, entertaining”

“Great job keeping the pace high”

“Provided lots of ideas as to how we can enhance our own web development and web apps”

Give Your Web Services Some Backbone – JavaScript MVC

An hour walkthrough on the benefits of using Backbone.JS to structure your web applications.

Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github


“Very knowledgeable, clear and concise”

Open Data: A Paradigm Shift

Three-person panel on the benefits and usage of open data for private and public sector industries

Slides on Google Drive


“All 3 hit their points really well”

“All speakers were very good. Spoke clearly and were all passionate about their topics”

“The three amigos were a good team to deliver the talk. Each brought a little something different”

JavaScript: The Good Parts and Node.JS: Everything runs in parallel except your code

A two part presentation: one on the gotchas of JavaScript, the other an introduction to node.js

JavaScript – Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github Node.js – Slides on Slideshare, Code on Github


“The presenter was very good. Knew the content and enjoyed his presentation style”

“Very knowledgable, good pace, quick to answer questions with fast examples”

“Very good. He researched the history of his topic, which was a nice touch and he made use of many examples”

“Chad is an excellent programmer with tons of fresh knowledge”

“Unlike most presentations, in which a presenter only speaks/lectures, this presentation is interactive (has audience participation) and shows live demos! Make all presentations like this in the future”

Total Engagement: Using Game Mechanics to Inspire Your Employees to Succeed

A quick presentation on using game mechanics to create engagement, motivation, and rewards for employees to excel in the workplace.

Slides on Slideshare


“Well put together, inspired my mind!”