I've Been Busy Lately

I haven’t blogged in quite awhile (my site says two weeks!) so I figured I’d check in. It’s been for a good reason – I’ve been busy lately! I’ve got two new projects on the go that I’m quite excited about, I figured I’d give everyone a quick preview here.


The first one is YQR Hunt. YQR being the airport / twitter hashtag for my city Regina, and Hunt being a scavenger hunt. Hidden in there is “QR” as in QR Codes.

This is a project I did in the Vancouver office at work, where one weekend I snuck in and hid QR codes all around the office in various places. Those QR codes linked to a web application I had created that kept track of the QR codes you had scanned and the ones you hadn’t yet, providing clues to find the rest of them. Essentially a scavenger hunt powered by QR.

I’m working with a local organization here to do the same thing in Regina, but at a city-scale. We’ll be picking locations all across the city and placing QR codes there for others to find, with the end goal of having scanned every last one of them. Those who manage to scan all of them will be entered in a draw to win a decent prize! This is a fun project that I’ve got quite a bit of support for so far, and I think it’ll be a fun way for families to spend their summers in Regina. The plan is to roll it out on Canada day.

Art Against Humanity

This is one of those ideas where someone came up with it in the middle of a game of Cards Against Humanity, and then someone else goes and implements it as a joke. Except it’s actually kind of a neat idea, and it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be to implement.

I’ve made a simple web app where you’re randomly given a black Cards Against Humanity card and three white cards, and a canvas control. Its up to the user to draw the hilarious combination that results from two or more of those cards. Along with that I coded a simple image board so you can identify and vote for the best images of the day / week / all time.

This came together really easily as a single page app using drawingboard.js, Entity Framework 6 code first, NancyFX, and azure websites and SQL server. I had a demo up and running in two days, and have been making tweaks ever since. My designer buddy Les has given me a mockup to make it look a lot better, and after I implement that I’ll be rolling it out to the general public. It will either get really popular, or fall flat on its face, but either way I had fun making it :)

You can see a demo of AAH here