Presenting at PrDC13 - Winnipeg

I’ll be presenting at Prairie Dev Con 2013 in Winnipeg tomorrow, and since there’s so many good talks this year I want to give people a bit more information on my two talks to help those decide if they’d like to attend (or not).

8 Web Services in 75 Minutes

This is one of my more popular talks. The talk starts with a bit of terminology just to make sure everyone’s on the same page – what is a web service, RPC, SOAP, WSDL, Web API, REST, and a bunch of other acronyms. After that the rest of the presentation is code. I create 8 file –> new projects where we write a very basic “ToUpper” web service using 8 different .NET web technologies – two of which use third-party libraries. As is my style, we don’t do any copy-paste coding, everything is typed out so everyone can understand exactly what’s going on.

To add to that, my buddy James Chambers helps co-present with me. For every web serivce that I write, the crowd gets to pick a client technology (like Win Forms, Windows Phone, Console, or even Fiddler) and James has to write a client to consume that web service. It’s an energetic and fun presentation, and one of my favorites to give.

Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML and JavaScript

This is another mostly-code session. I have about 10 slides that explain some of the concepts behind Windows Store applications and then we jump right into an example. My example code starts with a working Windows Store app that uses purely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without any specific Windows 8 code. From there I add some WinJS features like WinRT controls, CSS that responds to the different view states for Windows Store applications, and a quick example of how to save and recall application state.

If you attended the web dev code camp I gave on Saturday morning, you’ll see some familiar material, but this goes a lot further into the implementation details for creating a WinJS application.

My ex-roomate Dave Paquette is giving a “Lap Around Windows 8 Development for HTML Developers” presentation on Monday afternoon. His talk focuses a bit more on the tooling available, including how debugging, testing, and other things work in Visual Studio 2012. Make sure to check out his talk first, as I probably won’t be talking as much about that stuff in my presentation.