New App Idea: CoderTunes

New idea of the week! How about a Visual Studio add-in that lets you listen to online playlists that consist of your favorite songs as well as songs that other developers are currently listening to?

General idea – you can install the add-in from the extensions gallery. Once it’s installed you’ll have to oAuth your way into a Rdio account. From there, you can select a playlist from your list on Rdio. Also, you’ll have the option to: only listen to your playlist, listen to a mixture of your playlist and other people’s songs, or listen to only other people’s songs.

How do we share who’s listening to what you ask? Simple – Twitter! We’ll just (with the user’s permission of course), spam a single timeline with #CoderTunes and Rdio song IDs. That way when we want to figure out who’s listening to what while they code, we just get the latest tweets from @CoderTunes.

The app could auto-start on Visual Studio startup, or manually, however we want to set it up. Maybe when you listen to someone else’s track, you get a nice win8-style notification on who else is also listening to the same song. Maybe even customize a message – @ChadEmm is listening to Billy Talent while coding some NancyFX.

I’m jotting this down here for two reasons: to records all my thoughts on the idea, and to hold myself accountable for the app. I have way too many ideas that turn into half-implemented piles of rotting code, so maybe by stating my public intent I’ll actually get closer to following through. Or not.

Also, if you want to join me in my quest, feel free to request contribution on the github repo –

Good idea, or no? Let me know in the comments!