My General Characteristics

As a team building exercise, everyone on our team did an online assessment with Target Training International, and then we took a day to sit down and discuss each other’s results. The outcomes were identifying things like how we communicate, what our natural and adapted behaviours were, and what motivated us individually and as a team – all good things to know when working with other people for an extended period of time.

Now most people take these surveys with a grain of salt – a lot of them can work like horoscopes, where the results are so vague that they could apply to anyone who wants to be analyzed. That being said, I found my general characteristics pretty spot-on and would like to share them with everyone.

Chad wants challenging assignmnets that can be followed through to completion. At times, Chad would like to slow the world down and cut out some of the activities people want him involved in. Outwardly, he may appear to be totally accepting of others. He may, however, have deep convictions that are not apparent to others. When the time is right, Chad can stand up aggressively for what he believes. Others see him as a good neighbour, since he is always willing to help those he considers to be his friends. He likes to start and finish activities. Others who work with him know they can depend on him. He likes to set his own pace. When others try to rush him, he feels threatened and may balk. He looks to people for support and inner-satisfaction as a way to reach his personal goals. Chad sometimes finds it difficult to relax until all the work is completed. Leisure time activities often include friends and family. He can be open, patient and tolerant of differences. His natural quality of being nonjudgemental is a great strength. Because he is receptive and listens well, he exels in gathering information.

Chad is good at analyzing situations that can be felt, touched, seen, heard, personally observed or experienced. His motto is, “facts are facts”. Once he has arrived at a decision, he can be tough-minded and unbending. He has made his decision after gathering much data, and he probably won’t want to repeat the process. He finds making decisions easier when he knows that others he respects are doing the same thing; he then has a feeling of stability and “family.” Logic is important when trying to influence him. he pays more attention to logic than emotional “hype.” Chad is persistent and perserving in his approach to achieving goals. He can be sensitive to the feelings of others and is able to display real empathy for those who are experiencing difficulties. When challenged he can become objective, searching hard for facts and figures. This may be his way of defending his decisions. He uses logic to assist him in decision making. This tendency is helpful to others in his group.

Chad is somewhat reserved with those he doesn’t trust or know. After trust has been established, he may be open and candid. Rarely does he display his emotions; that is, he projects a good poker face. Others may get the feeling that he is unfriendly, when in reality he is not. He can be outgoing at times. Basically introverted, he will “engage” in social conversation when the occasion warrants. He may guard some iformation unless he is asked specific questions. he will not willingly share unless he is comfortable with the knowledge he possesses about the topic. Chad remains aloof from active participation in unfamiliar groups. He will talk more, however, in a group of people he trusts and has known for a long time. He tends to be possessive of informatoin; that is, he doesn’t voluntarily share information with others outside of his team. Sometimes he will withdraw from a verbal battle. If he feels strong about an issue, he may retreat to gather his resources and then return to take a stand! He usually is considerate, compassionate and accepting of others; however, on some occasions can become stubborn. Stubbornness surfaces when his ideals and beliefs are confronted.

If you’d like more informaton on the assessment we did as a team, check out TTI