Lost in Las Vegas - Day 1

So it’s 5:25 am here, and I can’t really sleep at all, so I figured I’d give you all an update as to what’s happening at MIX 09!

The first day was considered a “workshop” day, although the classes we went to played out more like sessions than classes or tutorials, but informative nonetheless.

Thu and I both attended “Designing for developers” in the morning, which was an informative look into the basics of design from a developer perspective. They covered what your average UI / UX / Graphic designer probably would’ve learned their first week in school, but otherwise unknown to us developers. There was also a lot of detail into the formal design process used by several companies, including optimal workflow that I think we could take some things from.

We then split up in the afternoon, Thu attending a CSS seminar while I checked out “Designing with 3 heads”. My seminar took design approaches from 3 different people, a developer, designer, and ex-flash “devsigner” and how they approached different problems in silverlight applications. I’ll admit some parts of this presentation weren’t as strong as the first one (specifically the developer presentation) but there were still a lot of good points made on how the bridge between designer and developer is shrinking, especially with XAML and tools like Expression Blend. A lot of good tips were given on how to enhance and extend this relationship for both sides.

I’ll admit I ducked out a bit early to check out the Rock Band stage they have setup, and man is it awesome! Lights, about 10+ TVs, the works! I’ve even managed to find a band, consisting of a developer from Mexico City (on drums) as well as one of the chief engineers of PennyArcade (on bass). I think we’re playing Let There Be Rock by AC/DC, with me on Guitar AND vocals. I’ve kind of scoped out the competition so far and not very many people have played on expert, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be bringing home the MIX 09 custom stratocaster (image) . Should be a good time.

PS> Phil and my band also got into the Casino Regina tournament, so everyone make sure to pick up your tickets for April 2nd at the casino. Everyone in the crowd has a chance to pick up a 360 in a draw, as well the more people we have there cheering the more likely we’ll win!