#TIL: Chrome Is Getting Async Debugging

You can’t imagine how excited I am for this! As someone who’s entire UI is written in asynchronous JavaScript, debugging and tracing bugs and other issues can be a huge pain in the neck – not anymore with Chrome dev tools!

#TIL Universal XAML Apps Are Neat

If you missed the Build conference a week or two ago, you probably didn’t hear about a bunch of cool stuff. One of the cooler things was the concept of a Universal App in the Windows ecosystem – you can now target both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 with any C#/C++/WinJS application you make.

#TIL: PrDC Edition Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Prairie Dev Con conference! I’m giving two talks today (updated summaries below), but I’ll also be blogging the few sessions I’ll be at between freaking out / preparing for my own.

#TIL: PrDC Edition

Today and tomorrow is Prairie Dev Con 2014 in Winnipeg – I’ll be talking on two topics and attending others, so I’ll jot my notes down as we pick things up. Consider this a live blog!

#TIL Chrome Requests Are Kind of Broken

Playing around with some cache headers last night, I ran into some unexpected behaviour from Chrome. Normally I’d blame my code, but there’s a number of devs on the interwebs that have run into the same thing.